The Museum building is an aesthetically built civil structure with two floors above the ground. Galleries and exhibitions are to be distributed it separate halls constructed for the purpose. The architectural plan envisages 11 halls for exhibitions will be available in exhibitions and display.  An imposing statue of Bharatha Muni is proposed in front of the building. The statue will be the verdant surroundings to be created for the purpose

For the visitors, the Museum will have a briefing Hall, a wax Museum,5D theatre, Live performance Hall in the first floor. Four galleries (gallery I-IV) will be housed on the first floor and three galleries including the one on the half level on the second floor.


Apart from casual and tourist visitors and school children on sightseeing trips,students and researchers of arts and culture, serious dance lovers and people interested in dances are expected to visit the museum regularly.  Hence The content and display should suit all kinds of visitors, including casual, serious visitors and researchers. 


Gallery -1: History and Evolution of Dances
Gallery -2: Tribal Dances of Kerala
Gallery -3: Folk Dances of Kerala
Gallery -4: Classical and Temple Dances of Kerala
Gallery -5: Dances of India
Gallery -6: Dances of the World
Gallery -7: Guru Gopinath Gallery


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