The first part of the Museum is a briefing hall where the visitors will be briefed about the Museum. From the Briefing Hall, visitors will be guided to the wax Museum which will host life size statuettes the of dance maestros in full costume. The next 5D theatre will have short 5D movies on various dance forms shown at periodic intervals and the succeeding live demonstration hall will host short live performance at regular intervals. There are open verandas where displays can be arranged to connect the story

The storyline starts from the very early days of dance with specific milestones in the history and evolution of dances.  This is the story of the first gallery. Here, visitors should feel the significance of dance in the cultural evolution of mankind and his rich heritage. The next gallery displays the tribal dance forms of Kerala starting from its primitive forms. Specific dance forms will be displayed to thread the story leading to the present forms of tribal dances. The third gallery on folk dances will showcase the evolution and present forms of folk dances of Kerala followed by the classical and temple dance forms of the regions displayed in Gallery-IV.

The huge hall earmarked as the Gallery V on the second floor will showcase the prominent Indian dance forms in all its vibrancy.  The next hall will give a feel about dances in the world and the last gallery is earmarked as an exclusive gallery in the memory of Guruji.

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